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My name is Sarahsgamecollection.
I'm a Retro Gamer, Artist, Writer and cosplayer (on occasion). 
I'm also a massive Studio Ghibli and Pokemon fan girl- but who's asking! 
Since the age of 3/4, ever since picking up the controller to my parents Sega Mega Drive, I have always been into video games. 
I aim to re-live my memories through reviews on my beloved Sega Mega Drive and Master System games amongst other things.
I hope you enjoy my content. 


  • The first game I played was 'Golden Axe 2' for the Mega drive and it's one of the reasons why it's my favourites out of the series! 

  • Sushi is my favourite food. Redbull is my favourite drink. 

  • My paternal Grandfather was actually an east end boxer in his younger days. We have pictures of him and his posters hanging up in my parents house. 

  • Speaking of Dad's. When my Father was younger, he was an armature wrestler who went under the name 'Blond Bombshell' and had even worked alongside many legends such as British Bulldog, Fit Finlay and Dynamite Kid to name a few. Princess Paula even pulled my Dad's hair! 

  • I studied Fashion Design as I wanted to own my own shop and use to design outfits inspired by video games, especially Neon East from The Urbz! 

  • I NEVER talk about this for the fear of being scrutinised but I actually come from a Traveller background (from my dad's side). It's hence why some traditions are very important to me and why my views on certain topics such as, marriage seem outdated to others. I also want to say, not everyone behaves like they do in 'Big Fat Gypsy Wedding'. (Some women actually are self dependent and educated).

  • I've actually written one book; Memoirs of a Gamer. (which you can buy here) and in the future I plan to write more but they will be fictional and more in a fantasy setting. 

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